Friday, 23rd February 2018
Today at 10.20 am Christine, Simon and Guillaume left to go to Derbyshire. Charlotte picked me up later and we drove up together. During the way we played a few games against the boredom. When we arrived we went to the playground ‘Little Monkeys’ and later Christine, Simon and Guillaume joined us. After around 20 more minutes we went to our Lodge and unpacked our luggage. Then we ate our lunch and then watched a movie together. After that I went to have a nap and woke up when we ate our dinner. Afterwards, we watched ‘Legally Blond’ together.

Saturday, 24th February 2018
Today we went to the Heights of Abraham. We went there in the morning and had a coffee before we just walked around and had a look at everything. After that we went to the playground so Evan and Bradley could play a bit. Later we went home and we went swimming together. Then we ate dinner and watched some TV together.

Sunday, 25th February 2018
After lunch, Charlotte and the boys went back home and I learnt of my mock exams. In the evening we went to the restaurant. When we came back we packed again because we’ll go home tomorrow.



Friday, 24th November 2017
Today we went to Derbyshire. Leigh, Graham, two friends of my host parents, and Simon’s brother Chris picked us up and brought us to Derbyshire. After one and a half hour we made a breake in Ashbourn where we ate something and then we continued our journey to Derbyshire. Leigh showed me a lot like the town Matlock, which is famous for their Victorian Market in the winter. After we arrived at the ‘Darwin Forest Country Park’, we surprised my host father. He and my hostmother went to Derbyshire on Monday because it is his 60th birthday on Saturday. When he saw us he was very happy and surprised about seeing us. Later we went to our loudge where Judy, Gilbert and Megan arrived later. He had no idea that anyone will come, so he was surprised to see all of us. Afterwards we had a Take Away with all of their friends. After Charlotte, Steve, Evan, Bradley and Jack left, we watched ‘I’m A Celebrity Get me out of here’. It was quiet fun to watch it because they had to go through a house full of different things like fish offal or get around a camel.

Saturday, 25th November 2017
Today was Simon’s birthday. During the night it started snowing and there was some snow outside. After breakfast Charlotte, Steve, Jose, Bradley and I, we made a walk through the wood, we throw snowballs and had a lot of fun together. When we came back we were freezing and had a cup of tea to get warm again.Then we had soem time for ourselves and at 6 pm we went to the restaurant where we had a birthday meal all together. Afterwards we went to our lodge and had a nice evening together.

Sunday, 26th November 2017
Today was the last day in Derbyshire. After Judy, Christine and I needed to look after Megan, Jack, Evan and Bradley in the ‘Little Monkey Centre’, I had some time for myself. At half past 4 Steve came around and asked if we want to go swimming with them. We had a great time while we were swimming and a lot of fun together. After dinner, Charlotte, Steve, Jose, Jack, Evan and I, we played some billiard which was a lot of fun as well. When we came back, we watched I’m a celebrity Get me out of here and went to bed after this.

Monday, 27th November 2017
After we had breakfast we had to go home. But at first we went to Bakewell where we had a coffee or a hot chocolate. After this, Christine and I went shopping and bought on of these Bakewell Tarts. Then we met Jose and Simon at the car and drove home. When we arrived back home at 2 pm, Simon and I went to Tesco and afterwards Christine and I watched The X-Factor. After dinner, we watched the jungle.

It was a really great weekend and Simon was so happy about seeing Jose and me up in Derbyshire for his birthday.


After getting up at 6 am, Simon brought José, Ian and me to the Redditch Train Station. Our train left at 7.55 and arrived in London at 10.15 am. Afterwards we had to wait for Marla (a Mexican girl) because their train was late and she arrived at 11 am with her host parents. Then we used the Underground to go to Stamford Bridge. We used to make the Stadium Tour at 1 pm. At first we saw the room where the press conferences take place. There can sit up to 220 journalists and after the game they can come down there and write their articles for their newspaper. The next stop were the changing rooms of the guest where many football shirts from famous players like Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo or Franz Beckenbauer were. Then we went to the changing room of Chelsea. This one was really big with many showers, massage tables and a lot more. The last stop was the playing field where we sat on the bench and just watched at the field.
Later we drove to the Tower Bridge where we walked over it and took some photos. Afterwards we went to the London Eye where we made a ride and has a beautiful view because it was the sunset while we made it. After we ate something and then we drove back to the train station where we saw the our train was cancelled and we had to took a train later. So we took the train at 19.23 pm and arrived in Redditch at 21.50 pm.


Cadbury World
Today we went to the Cadbury World in Bournville. Cadbury World is an old Cadbury factory which is a museum about Cadbury chocolate now. In Cadbury World tells the story of chocolate and the Cadbury business through animatronics, video presentations, a multi-sensory cinema and activities.
We left the house at quarter past eight to pick up Charlotte, Evan and Bradley. After having a drink in the café we went inside the museum. At first we learned something about the histry of chocolate like where you can find it. The next zone was about the history of the Cadbury business through the years. There were some video presentations how the chocolate came to England and how John Cadbury raised the company to a big and famous chocolate company. After this we went through the making of chocolate, a face painting (where Evan and Bradley got a Spiderman painting) and Cadabra. Afterwards we went through a zone where you can see how they make their chocolate and how they decorate it. You also can try a cup of chocolate and put in it what ever you want. Then we came to a zone about the history of Cadbury products and their making. After going through the world biggest Cadbury shop we went to a 4D cinema and Evan and Bradley played at the playground. Christine and I went tot he café and had a coffee and a hot chocolate. After Charlotte and the boys came back we went home. After eating in McDonalds and bringing Charlotte, Evan and Bradley back home Christine and I went home as well. Later I made some homework and watched The Great British Bake Off.


My weekend

Friday, 29th September 2017
Today I had a day off. After getting up and breakfast Christine and I went to the hairdresser for dogs with Belle. Afterwards, we drove to the shoppping center where I sent my letters to my family and bought something for school. After shopping we drank some coffee in a café and went home then. Later I learned for my history class and after dinner we watched a movie.

Saturday, 30th September 2017
I had to get up early because Simon and I wanted to collect a bike from a friend of Simon. Weh ad to drive a ¾ hour and we talked about politics, the difference between Germany and England and some more. When we arrived at his friend we drank a cup of coffee and afterwards we collected the bike. After getting home a learned some stuff for school and later we ate some burgers.

Sunday, 1st October 2017
Today we went to Tesco to buy some food and some money for my phone. After coming home, Charlotte and Bradley were at with us. Bradley used my phone to make some photos on Snapchat of himself. After this they went back home I used to watch some YouTube and after this I did some jogging. Later Ian, a friend of José, came around and we ate dinner together. Afterwards we watched a movie and after Ian left Christine and I watched `The X-Factor`.


My last few days

Saturday, 16th September 2017
After getting up at 9 am Karon, my local Rep, came at 10 am to talk about the rules and about our relationship to Christine and Simon. She also talked about school. How school is, if we made friends and she asked how we do in the subjects.
After Karon left I had some time for myself. I made my homework and at 2 pm we went to Jinney Craft Centre in Hanbury. There we went through the garden, lokked at some stores like a chocolate factory, a gaffer, a violin maker and some others. At the end we went to the Restaurant where we drunk some hot chocolate and ate some chocolate cake. When we came home Charlotte, Christines daughter, José and I built up the bed for Bradley and Evan. We needed hour to built it up…

Sunday, 17th September 2017
On Sunday Simon and I went to an american warehouse with Simons brother Chris. It was so big and you could buy anything. From phones to food and drinks to gigant teddy bears and other toys for children. When we left this warehouse we stopped at a pub and drunk something. After coming home Charlotte came with Bradley. When Evan and Steve arrived we ate dinner. After they left Simon and I watched ‚Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2‘. After this I went to my room and went to bed.

Monday, 18th September 2017
On Monday I had to get up at 7 am to go to school. I left the house at 8.15 am. I had my Registration at 8.50 am. After this my first lesson would be Sociology but my teacher is sick so I had free this lesson. The next three lessons (from 10.15 to 13.30) are my free periods so I don’t have any lessons. After Lunch which starts at 13.30 and ends at 14.20 my next lesson would be Sociology again but I don’t had any lessons again. During these lessons I made the tasks the teachter gave us. When I came back home at 15.40 pm I spent some time in my room and afterwards José and I ate some pizza while watching ‚The Accountant‘. It is a movie about an accountant which kills bad people.

Tuesday, 19th September 2017
After getting up at 7 am I went to school at 8.15. After the Registration I would had some Sociology but my teachter was still sick. So I had a free lesson. But afterwards I had a double lesson English Literature where we worked with ‚Othello‘, a play by William Shakespeare. Othello is a Moor which is an officer by the army. He has a Wife called Desdemona and kills her in the play and kills himself at the end.
After this I had a double lesson Performing Arts where we made thought tracking (thought tracking is for drama and you have to play a situation and then explain you thoughts), consience alley (2 studiens are an angle and 2 studiens are a devil and one is the person the angles and the deviles are talking to), freeze frame (you play a situation and have to freeze when you enter the situation) and wem ad the hotseat where one person sat on a chair and the others had to ask questions about the character.
After coming home I made my homework and just relaxed. Later we ate the dinner and watched some TV later.


My first day at school

Today was my first day at school.
After getting up at 7 am José and I had to go to school at 8.15 am. At school we went to the reception and were picked up by some older students at Tudor Grange Academy Redditch. They brought us to the 6 form center where we got an introduction to year 12 with all other year 12 students. Later we went to the class room where we get some more information about the year and we got our timetables. After this we got a little break where we can eat something. Afterwards I had some free time where I went back to the center with some others and talked with them. After this I had my first lesson this day. Doing maths was very hard. I don’t understood that much and I don’t think that I will understand anything in the futur…
Anyway. After lefting maths we went to Greggs where we bought our lunch. Then we went back to school and sat down in the Common Room for a while, eating our lunch and talked. Later I had English Literature where we talked about the AS-level and what we will do in this year. Then we had to read some poems and had to say which one is our favourite and why. Mine was Remember by Christina Rosetti because it was easy to read and it was a very nice writing. Besides she talked about that you can love someone even while you are dead and she wants that this person also loves her when she’s dead.
After getting home at 4 pm I made some homework and when I had made some of them we ate some dinner. While having dinner we talked about meals in England, Mexico and Germany. After this I went upstairs and finished my homework for today. I still have some to do but I’ll make them in school tomorrow.


Next few days

Monday, 4th September 2017
After beakfast my host mother Christine, my host brother José and I went shopping at the Kingfisher Shopping Center in Redditch. We went to Debenhams (a lovely store with some nice clothes), H&M, New Look and Next. At the end we drunk a coffee at Coffee #1. When we came back home I had a walk with Belle and afterward I went in my room and driffted off…
After getting up, we had dinner and watched the football match England versus Slovakia which England won 2-1. Tomorrow we will visit the school and have a look at everything.

Tuesday, 5th September 2017
Today we went to school at 10.30 am. There we met a teacher which showed us the different floors like Mathematic floor, English floor and some others. After this we had to choose our subjects. After this Christine, Evan, Bradley and I went to a play area for 2 hours. After coming home we played at home together for 2 hours. After Evan and Bradley were picked up we had to walk the dogs. Later, after dinner, we watched some TV and now I’m in my room because school starts tomorrow:)


My second day

Today was my second day in Redditch.
After breakfast my host father Simon and I went to the Supermarket and bought some foods and a sim card for my moblie phone. After we came back home my host mother Christine and I made some salad for the BBQ. When we were finish my host brother made a mexican Salza which was really hot but very delicious. A half past three some friends came over to have some BBQ. Simon started the BBQ at 4 pm and we started eating at 6 pm. After BBQ we spent some time together, sitting together around the table and just talking. We talked about football, geographie and just joking. It was a great evening and I’m feeling like home a little bit. Everybody is very friendly and we have a lot of fun together.


My first impresstion of England

Firstly I would like to introduce myself. I’m Lisa, I’m 15 years old and I’m writing this mostly for my family and friends so they can follow my experiences in England.

My new home is in Redditch where I live with my host parents and two dogs. I also get a Mexican host brother for half a year.

On Wednesday I flew from Frankfurt to London Heathrow. After landing at the airport we had to wait for the bus to our hostel. When we arrived at the hostel we had to go to the canteen for dinner. The food wasn’t that good but it was edible. After dinner we went back to the hostel and spent time together.

On Thursday we went on a boat from Westminster Pier to Greenwich. There we had some time for ourselves. We ate some burgers and afterwards we went shopping. Later we went to Camden Market where we also got some time to look around. At 5 pm we went back to the hostel and after an hour we went to the canteen and ate dinner. After dinner we made a walk to the Tower Bridge and made some photos.

On Friday we went to Buckingham Palace and watched the Changing of the Guard. This is something very incredible. After this we made a ride with the London Eye and we had a beautiful view over London. The next stop was at Oxford Street where we had some more time to go shopping at Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Vans and some more. After we met we went back to the canteen, eating a little bit and went back to the hostel. Then we had to pack our suitcase.

On Saturday we had to get up at 6.30 am. At 8.15 am we went to breakfast and after it we went to our host families by bus or train. I went to Redditch by bus. When I arrived to my host family we had to walk the border collie Belle. Later the daughter came with her husband and their son. At 9.30 pm my host brother José arrived at the house. We had a lot of fun together, talking about Mexico, Germany and England, talking about football and some more stuff.