My last few days

Saturday, 16th September 2017
After getting up at 9 am Karon, my local Rep, came at 10 am to talk about the rules and about our relationship to Christine and Simon. She also talked about school. How school is, if we made friends and she asked how we do in the subjects.
After Karon left I had some time for myself. I made my homework and at 2 pm we went to Jinney Craft Centre in Hanbury. There we went through the garden, lokked at some stores like a chocolate factory, a gaffer, a violin maker and some others. At the end we went to the Restaurant where we drunk some hot chocolate and ate some chocolate cake. When we came home Charlotte, Christines daughter, José and I built up the bed for Bradley and Evan. We needed hour to built it up…

Sunday, 17th September 2017
On Sunday Simon and I went to an american warehouse with Simons brother Chris. It was so big and you could buy anything. From phones to food and drinks to gigant teddy bears and other toys for children. When we left this warehouse we stopped at a pub and drunk something. After coming home Charlotte came with Bradley. When Evan and Steve arrived we ate dinner. After they left Simon and I watched ‚Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2‘. After this I went to my room and went to bed.

Monday, 18th September 2017
On Monday I had to get up at 7 am to go to school. I left the house at 8.15 am. I had my Registration at 8.50 am. After this my first lesson would be Sociology but my teacher is sick so I had free this lesson. The next three lessons (from 10.15 to 13.30) are my free periods so I don’t have any lessons. After Lunch which starts at 13.30 and ends at 14.20 my next lesson would be Sociology again but I don’t had any lessons again. During these lessons I made the tasks the teachter gave us. When I came back home at 15.40 pm I spent some time in my room and afterwards José and I ate some pizza while watching ‚The Accountant‘. It is a movie about an accountant which kills bad people.

Tuesday, 19th September 2017
After getting up at 7 am I went to school at 8.15. After the Registration I would had some Sociology but my teachter was still sick. So I had a free lesson. But afterwards I had a double lesson English Literature where we worked with ‚Othello‘, a play by William Shakespeare. Othello is a Moor which is an officer by the army. He has a Wife called Desdemona and kills her in the play and kills himself at the end.
After this I had a double lesson Performing Arts where we made thought tracking (thought tracking is for drama and you have to play a situation and then explain you thoughts), consience alley (2 studiens are an angle and 2 studiens are a devil and one is the person the angles and the deviles are talking to), freeze frame (you play a situation and have to freeze when you enter the situation) and wem ad the hotseat where one person sat on a chair and the others had to ask questions about the character.
After coming home I made my homework and just relaxed. Later we ate the dinner and watched some TV later.

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