Friday, 24th November 2017
Today we went to Derbyshire. Leigh, Graham, two friends of my host parents, and Simon’s brother Chris picked us up and bought us to Derbyshire. After one and a half hour we made a breake in Ashbourn where we ate something and then we continued to go to Derbyshire. Leigh showed me a lot like the town Matlock, which is famous for their Victorian Market in winter. After we arrived at the ‘Darwin Forest Country Park’ we surprised my host father. They went to Derbyshire on Monday because it is his 60th birthday on Saturday. When he was us he was very happy and surprised about seeing us. Later we went to our house where Judy, Gilbert and Megan arrived later. He had no idea that anyone will come, so he was surprised to see all of us. Afterwards we had a Take Away with all of their friends. After Charlotte, Steve, Evan, Bradley and Jack left, we watched ‘I’m A Celebrity Get me out of here’. It was quiet fun to watch it because they had to go through a house full of different things like fish offal or get around a camel.
Saturday, 25th November 2017
Today was Simon’s birthday. During the night it started snowing and there was some snow outside. After breakfast Charlotte, Steve, Jose, Bradley and me, we made a walk through the wood, we throw snowballs and had a lot of fun together. When we came back we were freezing and had a cup of tea to get warm again. At 6 pm we went to the restaurant where we had a birthday meal all together. Afterwards we went to out lodge and had a nice evening together.

Sunday, 26th November 2017
Today was the last day in Derbyshire. After Judy, Christine and I needed to look after Megan, Jack, Evan and Bradley in the ‘Little Monkey Centre’, I had some time for myself. At half past 4 Steve came around and asked if we want to go swimming with them. We had a great time while we were swimming and a lot of fun together. After dinner, Charlotte, Steve, Jose, Jack, Evan and I, we played some billiard which was a lot of fun as well. When we came back, we watched I’m a celebrity Get me out of here and went to bed after this.
Monday, 27th November 2017
After we had breakfast we had to go home. But at first we went to Bakewell where we had a coffee or a hot chocolate. After this, Christine and I went shopping and bought on of these Bakewell Tarts. Then we met Jose and Simon at the car and drove home. When we arrived back home at 2 pm, Simon and I went to Tesco and afterwards Christine and I watched The X-Factor. After dinner, we watched the jungle.

It was a really great weekend and Simon was so happy about seeing Jose and me up in Derbyshire for his birthday.

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