Cadbury World
Today we went to the Cadbury World in Bournville. Cadbury World is an old Cadbury factory which is a museum about Cadbury chocolate now. In Cadbury World tells the story of chocolate and the Cadbury business through animatronics, video presentations, a multi-sensory cinema and activities.
We left the house at quarter past eight to pick up Charlotte, Evan and Bradley. After having a drink in the café we went inside the museum. At first we learned something about the histry of chocolate like where you can find it. The next zone was about the history of the Cadbury business through the years. There were some video presentations how the chocolate came to England and how John Cadbury raised the company to a big and famous chocolate company. After this we went through the making of chocolate, a face painting (where Evan and Bradley got a Spiderman painting) and Cadabra. Afterwards we went through a zone where you can see how they make their chocolate and how they decorate it. You also can try a cup of chocolate and put in it what ever you want. Then we came to a zone about the history of Cadbury products and their making. After going through the world biggest Cadbury shop we went to a 4D cinema and Evan and Bradley played at the playground. Christine and I went tot he café and had a coffee and a hot chocolate. After Charlotte and the boys came back we went home. After eating in McDonalds and bringing Charlotte, Evan and Bradley back home Christine and I went home as well. Later I made some homework and watched The Great British Bake Off.