After getting up at 6 am, Simon brought José, Ian and me to the Redditch Train Station. Our train left at 7.55 and arrived in London at 10.15 am. Afterwards we had to wait for Marla (a Mexican girl) because their train was late and she arrived at 11 am with her host parents. Then we used the Underground to go to Stamford Bridge. We used to make the Stadium Tour at 1 pm. At first we saw the room where the press conferences take place. There can sit up to 220 journalists and after the game they can come down there and write their articles for their newspaper. The next stop were the changing rooms of the guest where many football shirts from famous players like Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo or Franz Beckenbauer were. Then we went to the changing room of Chelsea. This one was really big with many showers, massage tables and a lot more. The last stop was the playing field where we sat on the bench and just watched at the field.
Later we drove to the Tower Bridge where we walked over it and took some photos. Afterwards we went to the London Eye where we made a ride and has a beautiful view because it was the sunset while we made it. After we ate something and then we drove back to the train station where we saw the our train was cancelled and we had to took a train later. So we took the train at 19.23 pm and arrived in Redditch at 21.50 pm.