My first day at school

Today was my first day at school.
After getting up at 7 am José and I had to go to school at 8.15 am. At school we went to the reception and were picked up by some older students at Tudor Grange Academy Redditch. They brought us to the 6 form center where we got an introduction to year 12 with all other year 12 students. Later we went to the class room where we get some more information about the year and we got our timetables. After this we got a little break where we can eat something. Afterwards I had some free time where I went back to the center with some others and talked with them. After this I had my first lesson this day. Doing maths was very hard. I don’t understood that much and I don’t think that I will understand anything in the futur…
Anyway. After lefting maths we went to Greggs where we bought our lunch. Then we went back to school and sat down in the Common Room for a while, eating our lunch and talked. Later I had English Literature where we talked about the AS-level and what we will do in this year. Then we had to read some poems and had to say which one is our favourite and why. Mine was Remember by Christina Rosetti because it was easy to read and it was a very nice writing. Besides she talked about that you can love someone even while you are dead and she wants that this person also loves her when she’s dead.
After getting home at 4 pm I made some homework and when I had made some of them we ate some dinner. While having dinner we talked about meals in England, Mexico and Germany. After this I went upstairs and finished my homework for today. I still have some to do but I’ll make them in school tomorrow.